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SjSWorld Chat with mIRC

These are the instructions for the shareware program, mIRC. We are using the DALnet servers for our chat. Be sure you have the latest servers.ini file, which includes the updated DALnet servers. You can get mIRC or the servers.ini at the mIRC website.

Open mIRC.

Click Tools, Options.

Set up the DALnet Servers

Under Category in the left side of the mIRC Options window, the first category is "Connect". Right under that (Click the + if it is not expanded to show sub headings), click "Servers"

Set up Connect/Servers as follows.

IRC Network ... DALnet
IRC server ... DALnet: Random Server


Automatically try the next server

Now return to looking on the Category at the left, the first entry: in the left panel click the word "Options" then the button "Retry" as below, and the Retry options window will pop up.

Check to enable retry and to try the next server in the group. It should something like this:

Enter Personal Information

Now return to looking on the Category at the left, the first entry: in the left panel click the word "Connect".
You will see choices there for your personal information.

Type in a name, email address, and choices of nicknames. Please remember that there are thousands of users on the DALnet servers so you will need to pick a very unique Nickname, or add numbers or characters to it to make it unique. Don't worry, we have our room "hidden" from the main list of rooms so we are not at all likely to have people in here who are not interested in Sjogren's.
(see below; use your information)

Click OK.

Auto-join SjSWorld Chat

Now let's go ahead and set it up so that you will automatically be put in our room, #SjSWorld each time you connect.

From the top menu, Click "Favorites"..."Add to Favorites"

An ADD Channel window pops up. Fill it in as below:

You get the "Add Channel" window.
Type in the window as below:
Channel: #SjSWorld (you must include the # symbol)
place a check mark at the right, "Join on Connect" as below:

Click OK.
The next time you open mIRC, click the "Connect to server" button in the pop up mIRC Options window, or if that is not showing, click the lightening bolt icon; you will be swiftly connected to DALnet and the SjSWorld chat room will be open and you are ready to chat!

Having trouble? E-mail for help.


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