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SjSWorld Chat with WiRC

These are the instructions for the shareware program, WiRC. We are using the DALnet servers for our chat. You can get WiRC at the WiRC website. These are instructions for WiRC 2.0

Download and install WiRC. Open WiRC.

When you first run WiRC you will be asked to type in nickname and backup nickname, and a real name description of yourself. More details are optional. Last, you choose a Internet Relay Chat Server to use. Select one with DALnet in it's name from the dropdown box. I recommend acool, dragons or jade. But any DAlnet may work. You are all set up at this point and can connect immediately. If one does not work, try another.

If you have already installed WiRC and the box does not pop up, you can follow these directions. You can also set WiRC to automatically connect you to our chat room.

From the top menu Click IRC....Setup.

Where it says user information, type in 2 choices of nicknames and remember they need to be unique. (See the graphic below); use your own nickname choices.

Your setup should now look something like this:

Next let's set up the Chat room so that you will be automatically put in our chat room when you connect. In the main "Connection Window" you can see a small yellow folder with a # symbol on it.

Click that yellow folder to bring up WiRC Channel Folder Window.

Where you see "Channel to join" type in:


and then click the ADD button. The channel will now be shown in that list, and when you connect you can click it and then click the join button to go there. Click OK.

To go to DALnet, click the connect button on the main window.

WiRC connects to DALnet, and the channels window pops open. Find #SjSWorld in the list and double click it and you will be transported to our chat room!

If you can't connect try choosing one of the other DALnet servers that you entered in the setup.

Again in that main window, take a look at the little icons, and click the arrow next to the connect to server icon, and choose from the dropdown list. Choose from the top menu, IRC...Setup, and in the middle of that window, in the Server dropdown box, find one of the other servers for DALnet that you entered. Click it's name and you will be connected.



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