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An E-pal is an Internet Pen Pal. Living with Sjögren's Syndrome can be very difficult, very lonely. Only those who have Sjögren's can truly understand how we feel. It’s important to have someone to "talk" to when no one else understands. An SjSWorld E-Pal can be that special friend for you.

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E-Pal number December06

Name: Dana
Gender: female
Age: 43
Lives in: California, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 2, but I think I was born with it
About Me: I am 43 years old and very low in weight due to Sjogrens Syndrome. I have a moderate case of primary sjogrens syndrom. I would like to communicate with someone about the disease - what they are going through, foods that are easily swallowed and learn about their life and coping with this horrible disease.


E-Pal number December04

Name: Ann
Gender: female
Age: 39
Lives in: Massachusetts, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 19
About Me: I am married with 3 children, work as a realtor, and keep very active. Lately am feeling a lot of pain and other symptoms. Would love to talk with others, share info and support. Especially interested in finding a knowledgeable Dr. in my area. I enjoy decorating, cooking, dancing, socializing and spending time with family :)


E-Pal number December01

Name: Denise
Gender: female
Age: 35
Lives in: Oregon, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 3
About Me: Hi, I would like to chat with someone around my age who has SS. I have the usual dryness everywhere. Lately I have severe pain in the bottom of my feet, along with all of the other aches and pains. I recently moved to Oregon, to escape the big city life. I enjoy my Golden Retriever, walking, outdoors, and good conversation.


E-Pal number November13

Name: Anastasia
Gender: female
Age: 40
Lives in: Belgium
Years with Sjogren's: 20
About Me: I'd like to find someone in Belgium suffering from sjogren (or nearby country)


E-Pal number November03

Name: Tammy
Gender: female
Age: 42
Lives in: North Carolina, USA
Years with Sjogren's: <1
About Me: I am married to a wonderful husband. We have three sons - 20, 16 and 11. I work for a doctors office (lung specialist's) I have just been diagnosed with Sjogren's, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I believe I have had it for a while but my doctor did not discover it until my glands swelled up huge. My bloodwork is positive. I have so many questions and can find so little answers. My family and co-workers are wonderful but I don't think they fully understand the daily pain I go thru. On the outside I look pretty normal except for a little drawing up of my hands. Can anybody tell me does it get better, worse or what? Does it totally disable you or does it ease up so I can get back to my normal life. My doctor evades my questions but I need to know. I am very active and am having a very hard time dealing with all of this.


E-Pal number August06

Name: Jill
Gender: female
Age: 39
Lives in: Victoria BC, Canada
Years with Sjogren's: 3
About Me: I have many interests - bridge, games, reading, walking, travel, crafts, movies, theatre among others - but am finding that this illness keeps me from a lot of the activities I once enjoyed. I would like to compare notes with an E-Pal about symptoms and am particularly interested in finding out if there are any Canadian medical centres who are looking into this illness.


E-Pal number June33

Name: Pam
Gender: female
Age: 53
Lives in: USA
Years with Sjogren's: 15?
About Me: Hello! Ii am looking for a fellow Sjogie that also has interstitial cystitis. We can compare notes! thanks. Pam.


E-Pal number June27

Name: Janyce
Gender: female
Age: 41
Lives in: Alberta, Canada
Years with Sjogren's: newly diagnosed
About Me: Just diagnosed a few weeks ago! I'm not very familiar with SS. I'm interested in hearing about all symptoms, treatments, ability to work, etc. My symptoms are severe joint pain (arthritis - surgery needed on knees), dry eyes and throat, elevated liver enzymes, bowel problems (celiac), chronic sinus problems, hay fever. Dr's first thought I had Lupus, then SS. Want to research as much as possible, to see if I agree with them. It wouldn't be the first time I have been misdiagnosed. So any info I can get, it would be GRATEFULLY appreciated. Thanks.


E-Pal number June21

Name: Ginger
Gender: female
Age: 50
Lives in: South Carolina, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 1
About Me: Am 50 years old, divorced w/two children - boy 12 and daughter 10. Dx w/Sjogren's last year and also Lupus. Dx w/fibromyalgia in '97. Lots of arthritis and muscle pain. Looking for a friend, similar age. I still work fulltime but am running "out of steam" and am considering a medical/disability retirement. I love to read, cook and garden when muscles and joints permit. I am also a Christian and rely on God to get me through each and every day, one day at a time.


E-Pal number June19

Name: Karen
Gender: female
Age: 59
Lives in: Iowa, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 3+ many
About Me: Occupation: Nurse, Health Information Tech (Jack of All Trades) and Mom
Hobbies: Anything outdoors! I am a Master Gardener and enjoy landscaping (hard now), birdwatching, photography, canoeing, camping. Indoors: quilting, needlecrafts, oilpainting, porcelain dolls, and decorating my home. After many years of joint pain, sudden bouts of fatigue, lung problems and now neuro symptoms, I am finally learning about SjS. I've been in repeating flares every since diagnoses including: Primary SjS, RA, OA, chronic bronchitis, pleurisy, peripheral neuropathy, and I have learned important lessons about my own resiliency and ability to cope that truely amaze me. I would love to correspond with a couple of pals, especially someone from another country as well as the USA. Sharing feelings and ideas for coping with this disease is so important to our understanding and survival.


E-Pal number: June12

Name: Norma
Gender: female
Age: 52
Lives in: Oregon, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 6
About Me: Not working now. Our kids are grown. One in Eugene and one heading for San Antonio. Taking care of my husband and myself as well as I can with SS, FM, GERD, nerve and muscle pain. I play the clavinova keyboard, and am determined to learn more about this computer. Hobbies include stamping and scrapbooking, but I'm afraid I haven't done much of that lately. I took a flower arranging class and am having great fun with that.


E-Pal number: June06

Name: Julie
Gender: female
Age: 30
Lives in: Ohio, USA
Years with Sjogren's: 6
About Me: Hi!! I am Julie. I have had primary Sjogrens and Rehumatoid Arthritis for 5 years. Each year, I seem to be getting worse. My most difficult problems right now are severe pain all over, periodic paralysis and numbness from my head to my toes. I have a 6 year old son and my hobbies include reading, writing, bears and baseball. (watching the Indians and tossing the ball with my son.)

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