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Sjogren's Syndrome E-Pal Form

Here is how the Sjogren's Syndrome E-Pals system works. Everyone wanting an E-Pal is required to fill out this form and agree to have this information placed on the internet, excluding the e-mail address.

  1. Fill out the form completely as noted. (information *may* be edited as appropriate, with your  knowledge)

  2. You will be e-mailed an account number. It will be placed on the website along with the information you submitted (excluding your e-mail address).

  3. When you find a potential E-Pal, send an e-mail to the E-Pal Coordinator, informing us of your E-Pal choice (give us their E-Pal account number) along with your E-Pal account number. This is to confirm identities and avoid abuse. Please limit the number of requests to 5 until we hear back from those 5, and after that you can send them in increments of 5. It helps us get the job done more efficiently.

  4. The E-Pal Coordinator will send your number and request to the person you have chosen. They can then go to the E-Pal Ads, find your account number, and read about you.

  5. That person will decide if they wish to be E-Pals with you. They will e-mail their decision to the E-Pal Coordinator.

  6. If a match is agreed upon, the E-Pal Coordinator will give each of you the other's e-mail address. You take it from there.

  7. You may have more than one E-Pal.

  8. You may have your Want Ad removed from the site at any time, at which time you will be ineligible to acquire new E-Pals through this program. You may certainly keep the ones you already have.

1) Your name:
(required for our records)

2) Your E-mail address:

2) Confirm E-mail address:
(required for confirmation)

3) Gender:

4) Age:

5) State/Country: (optional)

6) Years with Sjogren's:

7) Short paragraph about yourself and interests and what you are looking for in an E-Pal (please limit to 75 words):


*Note, your identity will be protected, your e-mail address will not be given to anyone without your explicit permission.

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