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"The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook" 3rd Edition

by Daniel J. Wallace (Editor), Evelyn J. Bromet (Editor), Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation

NEW VERSION. Now shipping.


"A Body Out of Balance: Understanding and Treating Sjogren's Syndrome"

Ruth Fremes, et al; (December 2003) 

Review by Care: Covers all aspects of living with Sjogren’s syndrome, emotional, physical and treatment options are discussed in easy to understand terms. It also lists resources for further investigation of Sjogren’s syndrome. An excellent book for all Sjogren’s patients and their families.

"The Sjogren's Syndrome Survival Guide"

Teri P., Ph.D. Rumpf, et al; (March 2003)

Review by Stamp: I really got allot out of the book SjS Survival Guide. It was so diverse touching many subjects from how to choose a Dr. to advice on handling the general public and family. It was also very easy to read yet informative on the many ways this disease affects the different parts of the body including the state of mind.

Review by Chloe: This book goes into detailed information on how to cope Sjogren's. The emotional aspects of this disease are far reaching and gives some very good advice for dealing with doctors and family. It could use a little more information on the neurological aspects, but the medical sections are well put together. It's a great companion book to the New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook. Written by women who also suffer from Sjogren's, it's well worth the reading.

NEW! "Eve's Rib: The Groundbreaking guide to Women's Health"

Marianne J. Legato


NEW! "Thriving with Your Autoimmune Disorder: A Woman's Mind-Body Guide"

Simone Ravicz, PhD, MBA


NEW! "Nuances of Nasal & Sinus Self-Help"

Susan F. Rudy, , MSN, CS-FNP, CORLN

"A Delicate Balance: Living Successfully with Chronic Illness"

 Susan Milstrey Wells; (July 2000)

"Understanding Sjogren's Syndrome"

Sue Dauphin; (May 2000)

"The New Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook"

Steven Carsons (Editor), Elaine K. Harris, et al; (July 1998)

Review by Chloe: This well written book by a leading doctor in Sjogren's Syndrome goes into great detail of the medical aspects of this disease. Chapters cover testing and each body system that can be affected. The one drawback to his book is in the neurological areas. There are also some very helpful hints as how to deal with symptoms as well as medications to help alleviate them. Recommended reading for anyone with Sjogren's.

"Sjogren's Syndrome: The Sneaky "Arthritis"

Sue Dauphin; (September 1988)

"The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Sjogren's Syndrome: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age"

by Icon Health Publications

Review by Care: A reference guide for patients interested in locating reliable medical information on the internet. This guide presents the “process” of locating information via the internet; it is not in itself a book on Sjogren’s syndrome. It does include a glossary of terms which can assist in internet searches.
It can be a valuable aid for those interested in becoming an informed patient. Since there is a scarcity of books on Sjogren's Syndrome, this guide can fill in the gaps.

"Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy"

Elaine K. Harris (Introduction), et al; (November 1988):

Review by Care: Many Sjogrens patients are plagued with pain due to neuropathy. This book explains what it is, what causes it and how to get the best treatment. I am one who believes that “knowledge is power”. Understanding the process of neuropathy and our treatment options gives us the power to deal with this cruel affliction.

"Sjogren's Syndrome Handbook"

Elaine K. Harris (Introduction), et al; (November 1988)

"Women and Autoimmune Disease: The Mysterious Ways Your Body Betrays Itself"

Robert G. Lahita; Hardcover; Not yet released. You can order it now and they will ship when it arrives.

"Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus"

by Patricia M. Moore and Robert G. Lahita (Editors)

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